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Newsletter Archive:

Issue 19: Announcing brand new technology for affiliates.
Issue 18: How to avoid the pitfalls of Customer Reciprocation.
Issue 17: We need you and will pay big for it.
Issue 16: Your new one-click method for receiving customers.
Issue 15: SpinningTornado official R3 announcement.
Issue 14: A better approach.
Issue 13: Get the customers you are entitled to.
Issue 12: Free search engine marketing.
Issue 11: A question of trust.
Issue 10: Unleashing the creative monster within.
Issue 9: Remaining active is the key!
Issue 8: The next 10 big things to keep an eye on.
Issue 7: Surprise visit coming to your web site soon.
Issue 6: Winning the affiliate game.
Issue 5: Turning your creative ideas into profit and exposure.
Issue 4: Handy tips for affiliates & merchants.
Issue 3: Plan your Xmas savings now!
Issue 2: Exciting new program announcement.
Issue 1: The long awaited update.

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SpinningTornado.com is a community website that provides unbiased services to affiliate marketers, merchants, MLM members and online shoppers. All members are free to purchase anywhere online and will never be encouraged to change their existing purchase habits. Customer Reciprocation is equally beneficial for all participants when facilitated through SpinningTornado. Member privacy is strictly adhered to, securely protected, and will never be sold, rented, or published. Members enjoy a spam free environment with no advertising or third party sales pitches.
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Access unique statistics from an unrestricted list of merchant sites.
Create 'watch lists' of sites.
Compare daily ranking and sales success rate of sites.
Track all your online purchases and receipts.
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Reward incentives for active members.
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