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I'm a merchant website owner without affiliates

If you are a merchant with affiliates please read on.

Super-Leverage your affiliates! Affiliates can shop anywhere!
Receive a customer everytime you or one of your affiliates purchase online.

No Cost, No Signing Up, No Hassle

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Unlike many coupon and discount shopping sites, SpinningTornado community members are not restricted to shopping at particular merchant sites.

The benefits of Customer Reciprocation can be reaped from shopping with any online merchant.

"Merchants, do you want to boost your sales?"

Would you increase sales if your products and services were subsidized?
What if you were not the one paying the subsidy!

Super-Leverage your affiliate program now!

As a merchant with an affiliate program you are well aware of the customer acquisition benefits of leveraging an affiliate sales force. Using SpinningTornado you are able to Super-Leverage your affiliates as well.

This means that in addition to the extra sales referred by your affiliates, you can profit from the reciprocal customers received (additional sales every time you or one of your affiliates shop online), as well as attracting extra sales as a result of your potential customers knowing they will be subsidized when purchasing your products and services.

To take full advantage of Customer Reciprocation and Super-Leveraging your affiliates you need to do two things:

Encourage your affiliates to become active SpinningTornado community members. The benefit to your affiliates is that they can earn commission from you or their other affiliated merchants whenever they purchase online.
Inform your visitors that you are a SpinningTornado Merchant Partner and that this means subsidized shopping for all internet marketers.

Access the merchant resources section here

Our Customer Focus Pledge: is a community website that provides unbiased services to affiliate marketers, merchants, MLM members and online shoppers. All members are free to purchase anywhere online and will never be encouraged to change their existing purchase habits. Customer Reciprocation is equally beneficial for all participants when facilitated through SpinningTornado. Member privacy is strictly adhered to, securely protected, and will never be sold, rented, or published. Members enjoy a spam free environment with no advertising or third party sales pitches.
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