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Customer Reciprocation for Online Merchants:

How SpinningTornado's Customer Acquisition Exchange can work for you

Imagine if you had received a sale for each and every purchase you had ever made? Now imagine if the same occurred each time a member of your affiliate program shopped online?

How many additional sales would you have made in the last year if your customers were paid a substantial subsidy for shopping with you? What if that subsidy was paid by someone else?

These are the exciting Customer Reciprocation benefits that SpinningTornado can deliver to community members through its powerful Customer Acquisition Exchange.

You can now ensure your Internet business decisions are both intelligent and profitable.

Finding Customers

You can receive customers at your online store whenever you or an affiliate of yours purchase online. They do this because they are receiving a similar reciprocal benefit in return. If you are affiliated with any other merchant then you're eligible for commission from referred sales from customers to those merchants too.

You will be able to easily manage all your affiliate links in a dynamic portfolio environment. This is a fantastic way to organize your affiliate links that allows you to control your customer acquisition with pinpoint precision.

You will have access to information and trends revealing which merchant sites are the most popular and which produce results for their affiliates.

These are the Customer Reciprocation benefits thousands of affiliates, MLM members and online merchants enjoy from being part of the SpinningTornado community. We invite you to join us so you too can put SpinningTornado to work for you.

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Make sales for doing what you already do anyway

Make sales for doing what you already do anyway For merchants like yourself, your income depends on making sales or personally referring customers to your affiliated merchants. Many merchants are now offering incentives for their affiliates that extend beyond direct referral commissions.

SpinningTornado ensures that mutually beneficial Customer Reciprocation exchanges occur amongst our huge community membership by allowing members to purchase anywhere online. You are NOT restricted to a list of products or merchants. You can purchase at any of your favourite online merchants that you would normally shop with.

You are not being asked to purchase anything other than what you had already decided upon. When you are ready to buy online, we'll find someone to purchase through one of your own sites in return!

You cannot lose.

By using Customer Reciprocation when you shop you can earn commission that effectively subsidizes your purchase.

We invite you to join our community.

Customer Acquisition the cost effective way

If you removed any current Customer Acquisition expenses like advertising, how much profit do you make per customer? Take into account any future purchases by the same customer plus recommendations they make to others.

How much are you willing to pay for a customer?

Hold on to your seat.


Subscription membership gives you unlimited FREE use of the Customer Acquisition Exchange allocating you a customer whenever you purchase online. You are also eligible for monthly reward Tokens.

Put Customer Reciprocation to work for you. Join our community now.

A no risk winning strategy for customer acquisition

The sale value or commissions obtained from using SpinningTornado will far outweigh the cost of obtaining them.
You are free to purchase at any of your favorite online merchants, and you are never asked to purchase anything you had not decided to purchase anyway. You are simply benefiting from going about your business as usual.
You can make a sale whenever you or members of your affiliate program (if you have one) purchase online.
With our integrated statistics you can watch sites and find the measurable demand from customers for any sites of interest to you. A very useful tool not found anywhere else on the Internet.
You will be part of a growing community of members who leverage off each other for mutual benefit. No scams, spams, or behind the scene deals. Just good old fashioned partnerships.
Your contributions to the community will be small in effort but huge in value. That is the power of Customer Reciprocation.
The Merchant Partner Program means you can make even more sales by subsidizing the cost of your products at no expense to yourself.
The crux of the system and the reason behind it's creation is essentially to alleviate the frustration of finding customers for your own and referred merchant sites. This will save you hundreds of dollars in advertising and hours spent in follow up, just to get you to the point that SpinningTornado will achieve for you with no effort on your behalf beyond going about your business as usual!

Control your customer traffic and profits

Picture of affiliate program rank You can allocate your customers any way you see fit. In other words, you could choose to direct them to your site and/or any of your affiliated merchant sites.

Picture of affiliate program statistics available for any web site SpinningTornado can also offer a litmus test on how popular your own and any affiliated merchant sites are by showing the demand from customers, success rate in achieving a sale, and supply (competing affiliates) for each one. So you'll know which ones are worth cultivating and which you should drop from your portfolio. By measuring these statistics, you'll know for sure, rather than rely on what others tell you!

We invite you to join our community.

Super-leverage your affiliate program with our Merchant Partner Program?

For merchants or anyone who sells products or services online, our Merchant Partner Program will stretch the benefits of Customer Reciprocation even further. You have a unique opportunity to make your products exponentially more appealing by subsidizing the cost of the purchase to customers. Additionally, it leverages the affiliate marketers, associate marketers, or MLM downline members, to ensure you can make a sale whenever you or they purchase online.

Frequestly Asked Questions about the Merchant Partner Program and
The Merchant Partner Program resource section

Want more information on Customer Reciprocation for merchants?

To learn more about Customer Reciprocation please peruse the:

Frequestly Asked Questions about Customer Reciprocation

Our Customer Focus Pledge: is a community website that provides unbiased services to affiliate marketers, merchants, MLM members and online shoppers. All members are free to purchase anywhere online and will never be encouraged to change their existing purchase habits. Customer Reciprocation is equally beneficial for all participants when facilitated through SpinningTornado. Member privacy is strictly adhered to, securely protected, and will never be sold, rented, or published. Members enjoy a spam free environment with no advertising or third party sales pitches.
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Our patent pending technology guarantees you can profit when purchasing online.
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Prioritize your affiliate links according to preference.
Access unique statistics from an unrestricted list of merchant sites.
Create 'watch lists' of sites.
Compare daily ranking and sales success rate of sites.
Track all your online purchases and receipts.
Join our affiliate program and earn from referring.
Reward incentives for active members.
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