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Customer Acquisition Exchange:

What we do:

SpinningTornado makes you money by finding you customers that will purchase online in ways that profit you.

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To make money on the Internet, you can either be a merchant and sell your own product, or affiliate yourself with other merchants and earn commission from referred sales.

If you're a merchant, we help you sell more of your own product each time you purchase online. If you run an affiliate program, you also sell more of your product each time an affiliate of yours purchases online.

If you're an affiliate, we bring you together with other affiliates in a way that allows each to gain the commission for referring the other.

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Introduction to Affiliate and Multi Level Marketing?

What is the Customer Acquisition Exchange?

The Customer Acquisition Exchange is a facility that connects you with other community members that are just like you. They want to make sales and they often purchase online.

The Customer Acquisition Exchange provides a customer for you whenever you become someone else's customer. This makes you money and saves on your purchases. This process is known as "Customer Reciprocation".

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Discover how it works here.

There are NO restrictions

Unlike many shopping directories and coupon sites that also save you money on your online purchases, SpinningTornado members are free to purchase ANYTHING from ANYWHERE online. Furthermore, you are never persuaded to change your existing purchase habits. And don't forget, your customer can earn you more money than the cost of your purchase.

We encourage you to join our community.

Our "Customer Focus Pledge" ensures both your privacy and a spam free environment with no advertising or third party sales pitches.

It's so easy

One minute of your time is all it takes to register your purchase intention with SpinningTornado. This triggers the Customer Acquisition Exchange to continue searching indefinitely until it finds you a customer that purchases through your affiliate link.

We take all the hard work out of finding customers ready to purchase at your or one of your affiliated merchant sites.

We can do this because every one of our community members who partake in Customer Reciprocation have already declared that they agree to purchase from you or one of your affiliated merchant sites. This decision is based on the member wanting the product sold there and the fact that they can get a customer to their own or one of their affiliated merchant sites in return.

It's so simple

The crux of the Customer Acquisition Exchange and the reason for it's creation is to alleviate the frustration of finding customers.

It will save you hundreds of dollars in advertising costs and hours spent in customer acquisition and follow up.

There is no effort required on your behalf beyond going about your business as usual!

Start saving and earning today.

You are in control

SpinningTornado provides you with your own portfolio console, where you can manage all your affiliate links and purchase intentions just like a share portfolio.

You can monitor performance statistics on any merchant site and prioritize your affiliate links to direct customer traffic.

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Want more information on the Customer Acquisition Exchange?

To learn more about the Customer Acquisition Exchange please peruse the:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Customer Acquisition Exchange

Our Customer Focus Pledge: is a community website that provides unbiased services to affiliate marketers, merchants, MLM members and online shoppers. All members are free to purchase anywhere online and will never be encouraged to change their existing purchase habits. Customer Reciprocation is equally beneficial for all participants when facilitated through SpinningTornado. Member privacy is strictly adhered to, securely protected, and will never be sold, rented, or published. Members enjoy a spam free environment with no advertising or third party sales pitches.

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Create 'watch lists' of sites.
Compare daily ranking and sales success rate of sites.
Track all your online purchases and receipts.
Join our affiliate program and earn from referring.
Reward incentives for active members.
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