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Free Affiliate Marketing Article Archive:

How to avoid the pitfalls of Customer Reciprocation.

One of the easiest ways for affiliate newbies to acquire customers is through the process of Customer Reciprocation as it is a guaranteed way for them to experience the thrill of receiving an affiliate cheque...

As an affiliate - are you leaving money on the table?

Did you know that there are affiliate marketers with "No Website", "No Email List", doing "No Advertising" yet still making money from referring customers to online merchants...

New breed of affiliate marketer emerges

Partnerships and leverage are amongst the priorities of the next generation of commission based internet marketers. The lure of earning fast cash by directing internet traffic has well and truly killed the dreams of many affiliate marketers. This has become the unfortunate side-effect as merchants are demanding CPA price structures while seach engines are demanding webmasters to invest more time and content...

A question of trust

When things are running smoothly, you don't hear much from members - a sure sign of apathy. The irony is that for communities to really thrive, there needs to be active involvement from a broad number of members...

Unleashing the creative monster within

Ever bought a business only to discover that the real figures didn't quite stack up to the rosy picture painted? Result being an inflated price paid for some creative accounting employed by the vendor...

7 crucial Customer Reciprocation strategies to super-charge affiliate profits

You've probably heard the Internet gurus mention Customer Reciprocation as a powerful way to profit from the purchase intentions of other affiliates. What many of them fail to mention is the strategies they themselves use to make Customer Reciprocation work in their favour...

Is your Affiliate Network up to scratch Put them through a 30 point checklist

Isn't it time you put your Affiliate Network under the microscope? This guide will greatly assist you when deciding which Affiliate Network to join should you not yet belong to any...

Affiliate marketer's power guide to niche product evaluation

If you built and sold the first teleportation device you would make some serious money. But, if you built the network that connected the teleportation devices and charge a subscription fee to use it, you're set up for a future of enormous passive income...

Fighting Back With Counter-Hypnotic Internet Marketing

The advent of the Internet has connected us globally. Add to this, the hundreds of thousands of merchants who've adopted affiliate programs as a way of consigning an army of salespeople to actively headhunt new customers in exchange for commission earnings. So where does it end up? Right here: An all time record number of humans manipulating other humans. No wonder it's getting harder to sell stuff. From the second you wake up you're bombarded with attempts to sell you stuff...

How I offered my products at a massive discount without lowering my price

If you’re an online merchant like me you’ll know how hard it is to attract more customers. You’ll probably agree that customer acquisition is the number one challenge for any online merchant...

Taking control of performance based outcomes

Finding the affiliate links on your website are not driving as many sales as you would like? There is a better way than just relying on the amount of traffic your website generates to derive income from your affiliate links. Especially when you consider that the vast majority of webmasters pay more money attracting traffic to their websites than revenue derived from traffic that clicks those affiliate links...

The missing link between sellers and customers-why you don't make more sales

In these days of rampant commercialism everybody is selling something. So what makes someone stand out from the rest as a super salesperson?...

How affiliates can subsidize all their purchases using Customer Reciprocation

Imagine if you had received a subsidy for every online purchase you've ever made? As an affiliate marketer, how would you like to earn sales commission each time you purchase from any website?...

What is the most profitable Internet application

Have you ever wondered what the most profitable internet application is? Web hosting?, Book or CD selling?, Merchant account providers? You may be surprised to learn that...

Turning online purchases into profit

I have some advice for improving your bottom line, whatever that may be. It could be many things ranging from improving website traffic to increasing sales or even just expanding your mailing list...

How to get purchase-ready customers to find you without advertising

When you advertise what are you really trying to do? Firstly you have to get noticed amongst a sea of other advertisers...

The secret of how I got GoogleCash for free with 1 minute's extra effort

There are three core things you need to understand about the strategy. Firstly, the websites you are intending to purchase from do not miss out on any payment. You are not breaching any of their agreements, terms or conditions. In fact, from their perspective you’re a 100% normal customer...

7 Customer Acquisition Schemes your competitor is hiding from you

Customer Acquisition is beyond doubt the number one priority for all serious business owners. Whether you're a merchant or an associate/affiliate of a merchant, your goal is to grow sales. That is why the best in your industry are closely guarding their customer acquisition techniques. Regardless of what they're telling you, they will not give up their competitive advantage and will hide their techniques and true motives behind "smoke and mirror" tactics...

7 instant ways to save anywhere online

Online shopping is convenient and fun, but did you ever shop for something only to find that the products were not that cheap once you include shipping costs? Or worse, you find the same product cheaper elsewhere after you've already paid for it?...

Affiliate on the roof - meet the match maker

"Match maker.. Match maker.. Make me a match. And pay me commission too!". This is the tune that thousands of income-seekers are working to while using a new technology known as 'Customer Reciprocation'...

How I amazingly got WordTracker for free, and will get any other product free too

I am sharing this knowledge with you for free. Why would I do this? Because as you're about to discover, the strategy I'm going to show you is dependent on an ever-growing community of participants who partner with each other to obtain win-win outcomes. The results are comparable to online dating services, the more participants there are, the better the results for everyone. I therefore encourage you to show this strategy to all your relevant friends and colleagues...

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