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Earn $20 per referred Subscription
plus $20 every time they renew

You're selling
"Effortless Customer Acquisition."
It's a no-brainer.

That's why subscribers unanimously agree

"SpinningTornado is the best resource
ever to sweep the affiliate world."

Affiliates, merchants and MLM members alike
Get reciprocal customers when shopping ANYWHERE online.

Welcome and thanks for your interest in promoting us.

SpinningTornado is a truly unique niche in the affiliate world, providing effortless customer acquisition for any affiliate, merchant or MLM member alike.

How to promote SpinningTornado and earn $20 per referred Subscription

You can commence promoting immediately as a standard affiliate by replacing the word "AFFILIATE" with your Clickbank nickname in the link below;

If you do not have a free Clickbank nickname, you can get one quickly and easily by clicking here

Using the Clickbank hoplink with your nickname in it will allow you to earn $20 per referral who subscribes to SpinningTornado.

We have a raft of affiliate resources freely available to help you promote SpinningTornado effectively.

Resources to help promote the affiliate program

How to earn an additional $20 per Subscription renewal

If you're already a SpinningTornado community member (free to join), simply log in to the "My Details" section and enter your Clickbank nickname. You will be assigned a VIP Affiliate link to replace the Clickbank hoplink. This will allow us to track your referrals and direct them through your Clickbank hoplink when they initially subscribe and each time they renew their Subscription. This is an excellent residual income opportunity.

If you're not yet a community member, we encourage you to join.

Click here to join for free

How much will you earn

It's up to you but the potential is enormous! The following chart gives you an idea based on sales per day and does not factor in the huge residual income potential of Subscription renewals. You make a whopping 45% on all sales.

For Each Sale: You Earn: 45%
SpinningTornado = $49.00
You get 45% = $20.00*

* Note on above prices: For each sale, Clickbank takes $1 + 7.5% of the original price as a commission so the amount you receive will be slightly less (approx. $19.95).

Sales Per Day   Monthly Income   Yearly Income

Factoring in the residual income you can make, consider the following table:
Assuming just one sale per day and our current Subscription renewal rate of 93%

Year   Referral
1$7,300.00- $7,300.00
2$7,300.00$6,789.00 $14,089.00

How to get paid is the most trusted third party affiliate program provider on the Internet!
Payout checks come TWICE A MONTH (1st and the 15th) and are always on time.

Why SpinningTornado is the best thing you can promote

Anyone who earns affiliate income will benefit from using SpinningTornado. Our survey shows that 84% of affiliates have shopped online. That means every time they've shopped online they could have been getting a customer in return. This customer reciprocation benefit is not available anywhere else.

Each referral who joins the SpinningTornado community (even if they don't subscribe) is more likely to become a future customer for anything you promote. That is the unique SpinningTornado benefit.

Renewing Subscription membership is a "no brainer" once people experience the ease in receiving customers through SpinningTornado. That means more residual income for you.

You can earn even if you don't have a website or an email list. Our customer reciprocation service combined with extensive affiliate resources makes promoting and earning a breeze.

We're one of the highest converting programs on the Internet with a presale to signup ratio of 53%.

Unlike other niche products, SpinningTornado is not a passing fad. As a growing community we're becoming exponentially more valuable every day, so we're here to stay.

Additional benefits of our Affiliate Program

Confidence in knowing you're promoting a niche service with zero competitors.

Our unique Site Statistics are an invaluable tool in helping affiliates determine where best to concentrate their promotional efforts.

Registered affiliates receive ongoing VIP support and updates and help with increasing CVR!

No limit to how much you can earn.

Free to join and simple to implement.

Our affiliate program is managed by Clickbank, giving you access to promote and earn commission from over 10,000 merchants/products. That's means you could use SpinningTornado to get customers to any of 10,000 sites.

We're the only service that creates income streams for members going about their shopping habits as usual.

You're adding value to all the affiliate programs you promote. SpinningTornado becomes more valuable to you the more you promote it as the people that sign up are more likely to shop using your affiliate links.

You're promoting a solid long-standing Internet business, whose credibility is upheld by a unique "Customer Focus Pledge" that ensures members enjoy a spam free environment with no advertising or third party sales pitches.

Unlike many information products which out-date and lose relevance, we're constantly enhancing and adding value to our members in an expanding market.

Check out the resources to promote SpinningTornado

Our Customer Focus Pledge: is a community website that provides unbiased services to affiliate marketers, merchants, MLM members and online shoppers. All members are free to purchase anywhere online and will never be encouraged to change their existing purchase habits. Customer Reciprocation is equally beneficial for all participants when facilitated through SpinningTornado. Member privacy is strictly adhered to, securely protected, and will never be sold, rented, or published. Members enjoy a spam free environment with no advertising or third party sales pitches.
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