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Next time you decide to purchase anything from any online merchant, SpinningTornado will find a genuine customer who will purchase through your affiliate link.

The result is an effortless boost in your commission earnings.

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Let us help you earn more online
using Customer Reciprocation

Do you earn commission from referring online sales? Using our Customer Reciprocation service, SpinningTornado community members earn commission from the normal day-to-day shopping habits of each other. You are invited to join and profit too. iq option download Membership is FREE .

Founders, Mike Lever & Tom Zorde have grown their Internet marketing experience since 1994 and understand the challenges facing affiliate marketers and merchants today. In contrast to the hype and scams that plague the industry, SpinningTornado's integrity and customer focus means you can trust them with your business. Since launching SpinningTornado in 2005, SpinningTornado is proud to be recognized as one of the few reputable customer acquisition services for affiliates and online business owners.

The fight against fraud has evolved SpinningTornado into an active community collectively focused on customer acquisition for members. Comprehensive site statistics help members determine which merchants are making the most affiliate sales, while the patent pending Customer Acquisition Exchange co-ordinates the Customer Reciprocation process ensuring you receive a customer whenever you become one.

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Here's how Customer Reciprocation is working for Linda

Linda has a website where visitors can read reviews and recommendations. Like many website owners, Linda makes an income as an Internet marketer sending online traffic to merchants who pay her for referred sales.

Being a website owner, Linda is a seasoned online shopper. She purchases everything from books and software to clothes and services.

In early Febuary 2005, Linda discovered SpinningTornado. Today she makes all her purchases using SpinningTornado because she is free to purchase wherever she wants, including the same merchants she has always shopped with. Each purchase she makes means a SpinningTornado community member is gaining a customer. In return, through the process of Customer Reciprocation, Linda can receive a customer to one of her affiliated merchants.

This will earn Linda commission which subsidizes the cost of her purchase. In some cases the commission may even be more than the cost of her purchase.

Linda is excited because she is earning money from going about her business as usual. Join Linda and the rest of the SpinningTornado community in making Customer Reciprocation work for you.

What we do: 

Our Customer Acquisition Exchange gets you guaranteed paying customers. Assume you're an affiliate of a Video Production Service and you wish to purchase bedroom furniture from your favorite Perth furniture store.

Our Customer Acquisition Exchange will find you someone to buy a custom created video ad from your affiliate merchant in exchange for you purchasing at the Perth furniture company, which you had already intended to purchase from.


Customer Reciprocation:

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Customer Reciprocation is a simple way for affiliates to boost their commission earnings and a powerful tool for merchants to leverage their affiliate program. It's a true win-win outcome for all participants.

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Michael Lever, CEO/co-founder of SpinningTornado explaining customer reciprocation

Affiliate Marketers:
boost your commissions

Imagine if you had been guaranteed an immediate and substantial commission for each and every purchase you had ever made?


Merchant Website Owners:
increase your sales

Imagine how much more appealing your products and services would be if you could pay the customer a subsidy. Imagine if this subsidy was paid at NO COST to yourself.


Online Shoppers:
subsidize your purchases

Imagine if you had received a subsidy for each and every purchase you had ever made? How much money have you put into someone else's pocket?


MLM members:
grow your paid downlines

How many MLM programs have you joined? How many online purchases have you made? The sum of these is the number of direct PAID downline members you have missed out on.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How you can purchase anywhere online.
How we guarantee paying customers.
How is my affiliate link used?
and more..


Affiliate Program Statistics:
make smarter decisions

We keep valuable supply and demand statistics on merchant sites involved in Customer Reciprocation.
Learn to use them to your advantage in these example case studies..


Merchant Partner Program:
learn how to super-leverage

Massive benefits for online merchants whose affiliates use Customer Reciprocation.


Refer and Earn:
SpinningTornado affiliate program

Promote SpinningTornado and earn 45% commission on all Subscription sales.


Affiliate Freebies:
yours to take and give away

Enjoy our treasure trove of affiliate goodies.
Games, Tools, Strategies and more..


Articles from the founders of SpinningTornado:

Affiliate Network 30 point evaluation checklist.
Counter-hypnotic internet marketing.
Power guide to niche product evaluation.
and many more..


Our Customer Focus Pledge: is a community website that provides unbiased services to affiliate marketers, merchants, MLM members and online shoppers. All members are free to purchase anywhere online and will never be encouraged to change their existing purchase habits. Customer Reciprocation is equally beneficial for all participants when facilitated through SpinningTornado. Member privacy is strictly adhered to, securely protected, and will never be sold, rented, or published. Members enjoy a spam free environment with no advertising or third party sales pitches.
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